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About Us

The Civitas Europica Centralis (CEC) Foundation was founded in 1996. It is a public benefit organization. It examines the situation of the minorities living in the Central and Eastern European region, having regard to the possibilities offered by the EU integration.
The CEC organizes and participates in research projects aiming at the examination of the possibilities for coping with the traumas of the 20th century which had interrupted the Central European region’s modernization, and the possibilities for creating integrated and modern societies.
  • It carries out international comparative researches examining the role of the historical churches in the anti-Semitism between the two world wars and in the Holocaust – paying special attention to the growing ethicise and nationalisms, and to the intensifying phenomenon of Holocaust denial.
  • It examines the effects of the Islam on the politics in Hungary.
  • It wishes to contribute to cooperation and revitalization of border regions (European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation), and to development programs of the Roma population.
  • It observes daily press in the topic of minorities.
In all of these, The CEC defines itself as the intellectual successor of the Public Foundation for European Comparative Minority Research, and continues its activities and research projects.
I, the undersigned Founder, have decided, based on §§ 74/A–F of the Civil Code and Act no. CLVI of 1997 on public benefit organizations, to establish the following Foundation.
1) Founder:
name:  Imre Mécs
address: 1028 Budapest, Galóca u. 20.
2) Name of the Foundation:
Civitas Europica Centralis
The Foundation has been registered by the Metropolitan Court of Budapest, by its decision no. 7. Pk.60.312/1996/2.; its registry number is 6101.
3) Seat of the Foundation:
1115 Budapest, Szentpéteri utca 10.
6) The management of the Foundation is by the Board, comprising 7 members.
6.1. Members of the Board of the Foundation:
1dr. Gulyás Éva1055 Budapest, Szalay u. 5/A
2Rajnai Gábor2094 Nagykovácsi, Pók u. 34.
3dr. Róna Péter7523 Kisasszond, Csokonai u. 1.
4Regényi Emilné dr. Törzsök Erika1115 Budapest Szentpéteri u. 10.
5dr. Varga György1029 Budapest, Nagykovácsi út 8.
6dr. Várady Tibor1026 Budapest, Gyergyó u. 4/A
7Ring Éva1213 Budapest, Szentmiklósi út 97.
Representative of the Foundation (from among the members of the Board): dr. Erika Törzsök (dr. Emilné Regényi)