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Open Society Institute (OSI) competition - May, 2011

on Sun, 05/08/2011 - 21:34

Title: Knowledge Store of Economic and Social Processes of the Most Disadvantaged Micro-regions of Hungary, in the Context of the Roma Question

In the situation given by the EU accession of the region’s post-socialist countries, the Civitas Europica Centralis (CEC) Foundation considers its main task to analyze economic, political and social processes of the Central and Eastern European region, having regard to the region’s EU integration. To fulfill this mission the Foundation seeks to cooperate with institutions and enterprises thinking of “Seamless Europe”. The Foundation wishes to promote horizontal integrations with considering the aspects of regional and settlement development, and with the strengthening of the civil society. It wishes to contribute to cooperation of border regions, revitalization of regions fragmented by borders and creation of development strategies including Roma development programs as integral parts.

Besides, the Foundation also deals with comparative nationalism research. The CEC defines itself as the intellectual successor of the Public Foundation for European Comparative Minority Research (EÖKIK). The EÖKIK pointed out, already in 2000, to the main relationships of economic underdevelopment and spatial concentration of the Roma population.