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Who we are?

The CEC was founded in 1996. In the situation given by the EU accession of the region’s post-socialist countries, the CEC considers its main task to analyse economic, political and social processes of the Central and Eastern European region, having regard to the region’s EU integration. Today the Foundation considers this to be more important than ever, having regard to that:
 “The EU is not a state, but it acts as a unit in many ways, and is a powerful force making the world a better place. And the European idea has been a key driver of democracy and peace these past two generations.” (Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize economist).
To fulfil its mission the Foundation seeks the opportunities to cooperate with Slovakian and Romanian think-tanks, and wishes to cooperate with Central and Eastern European institutions and enterprises thinking of “Seamless Europe”. Besides considering the aspects of regional and settlement development, it wishes to help horizontal integrations with the strengthening of the civil society. It wishes to contribute to cooperation and revitalization of border regions (European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation), and to development programs of Roma. It organizes and carries out educational, scientific, cultural and anti-discrimination tasks in order to fulfil these objectives, paying special attention to growing nationalisms and intensifying phenomenon of Holocaust denial. It observes daily press in the topic of minorities. The CEC defines itself as the intellectual successor of the Public Foundation for European Comparative Minority Research (EÖKIK), and continues the activities and research projects of the EÖKiK.